RSS feed?

. . . Spaghetti Tacos?
What kids want to eat. How 'bout you?

Apparently this dish is moving like hotcakes on the Internet this morning, via an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed from The New York Times Dining and Wine.
My thanks to Helene Stapinksi, writer; Francesco Tonelli, photographer.
My excuse? I burned my post last night.

Thanks for stopping by, and do tell: what do you serve in a pinch?

For the full story:


  1. RRS?? Arrr. Apparently not "Really Simple Enough" Syndication for me. Just noticed a huge typo posted yesterday. So much for posting online before the second cup of coffee in the morning.
    - With my apologies. -V

  2. See. I was in North Carolina and therefore missed the typo. And the weather report. And some good emails. And the comfort of having my iPhone talk to me all the time. Spaghetti Tacos, huh? I get that desperate sometimes.

  3. Ah. CAPTCHA. hythme Thath thyme with a lithpth. And thum other problem asth well.


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