Only in Ann Arbor

Living within the gravitational pull of Ann Arbor, I report: sunny skies, high today in the 70's. Bloody Mary Bar opens at 9 a.m. Starting to party early, 200,000 fans will head bumper-to- bumper into Ann Arbor for the game:

Michigan vs. Michigan State 3:30 pm

110,000 will jam into seats in the The Big House. The rest will tweet, text and locate their favorite spots to park vans and plant butts in front of 52-inch plasma TVs, along with other tailgate essentials (both legal and banned), including porch couches*, chairs, tables, grills, kegs, coolers and. . . don't forget the grits and greens.

Today's Tailgate Theme: The Urban/ BBQ/ Graffiti
combining soul food, Southern BBQ with 40's of malt liquor. Graffiti T-shirts are also rumored for this event.

*Also noting: Ann Arbor's porch couch ban (? who knew) has recently gone into effect, though city officials have allowed for an amnesty period to allow residents time to dispatch their upholstered seating alfresco to a free drop-off, Oct 22-24.

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  1. What? What's all this I hear about porch couches?
    You can't have them in Ann Arbor? I know that WVU is infamous for the torching of any old kind of couches after victories (I see they're crushing UNLV 45 to 0 right now; living rooms should be very afraid) but porch couches? How very strange.


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