Guilty Pleasures

Oh-oh... just stumbled upon one of the mindless pleasures of the Internet, and you can, too at National Geographic Magazine Your Shot Jigsaw Widget

The puzzle du jour is now embedded on this site - on the menu until the link breaks or I find something better for you to do. Go ahead, click the photo in the widget to start. See if you can beat my time in less than 2 minutes.

And do tell. What’s your favorite? Internet Scrabble? The daily crossword? Have you seen The New York Times Crossword in Gothic ? Life is short. It’s Friday. Enjoy.

And thanks for dropping in.

Photo credit: Your Shot Jigsaw Puzzle Generator - National Geographic Magazine


  1. Oh well, now I'm in trouble. I put the deer together in 4:48. Is that GOOD??? Is that SLOW???
    I do not need another addiction. Do. Not. Need.

    Maybe I could beat that time on another puzzle....

  2. I Beat the bird in 3 minutes and something. Now I'm all competitive with myself. Drat.

  3. Under 2 minutes (once you get the hang, it's really easy) -- but careful, the thing is habit-forming


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