March Come What May

Photos of the Day

Talking about the weather, really?   Has it come to this?  

Seems there’s an abundance of photo-takers out there, capturing 
our unseasonably hot Spring.   These just in from southeast Michigan where the trees have been in full bloom since third week in March. 

Weird.  And wonderful. (Will my birch tree drop its leaves in August again this year? 
Just wondering. . . 

The daffodils, now drooping, a little worse for wear from heat and extreme shifts in our temperatures.

A sunburst of forsythia.  Never out this early.  

And  magnolias already dropping petals?   More like Atlanta.

Crocuses and  hyacinths out at the same time?

Hungry, the rabbits downed most of the tulips, but saved a few for us. 

Mock plum. Ornamental trees.  Puffs of blossom clouds against grey skies and blue.

Ponds reflecting. Willow weeping. Grass greening.  Snow plows parked. Retired for the season.

Curious onlooker.  (Not my dog.)  But thanks for walking by.
Photos: Vhenoch


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