Posting Toasties

On Yom Kippur we reflect: what is a fast day? Really. All our days seem fast. We hunger for time out. Time off. And what do we do with our precious time . . . off? Well, here you are, online, with my thanks for being here.

And so with virtual raised glass in hand, I propose a post, a “Post Toasty,” so to speak, to cheer you on this Monday morning, to say L’Chaim - to Life! And to our counterlife, weird and wired as it is: online.

Here’s to you --- and to the vitality of the Great and Everlasting Internet, the new Word on the Street as we know it, and to those whom we’d sorely miss if ever they were cut from our daily dosage of incoming media. Is it an addiction? Perhaps. But drink up.

Cheers to the bloggers, the writers, the journalists, the humorists. To the savvy web-sters, the code-writing “standardistas,” the designers and creators of infinitely variant domains. Here’s to the RSS feeders, the syndicators, the opinionators, the taste mongers. To the curious, the readers, the scanners, the browsers, the seekers, and the Googlers. Here’s to the inventors, the followers, the critics, the babblers, the Twitter-tweeters, the thumb twiddlers, the thumb drivers, the computer jocks, the Go Daddies, the Amazonians, the buyers, the Ebayers, the sellers, the Flickrs, the flockers, the foodies, the samplers, the gamers, the gardeners, the YouTubists, the artists, the explorers of brave new words. Here’s to the pilgrims, the wayfarers . . . all out there. You know who you are.


  1. And to you, too, Vivian! Welcome to the fray and the fun. I plan to become addicted to Wild Turtle soup.

  2. Soupy it is. And it's not ready tonight. I was all set to follow-up on the Michigan post -- and wha, the dog ate my homework. Yeh right. Over the weekend of atonement-- there was "thinking," but no blogging.

    Speaking of homework - we spent Saturday and Sunday working on the Brighton House in Shaker with M &W - serious cleaning - scrubbing paint spatters, moving boxes, clearing rooms for living space. Together we disposed of 3300 pounds of debris from the garage and basement (ask my son about the "Bagster" - the ultimate Dumpster Handi-Bag concept. I would shamelessly plug W's blog -- Brighton Home, from Bank Owned to Beautiful in 700 Easy Steps, but I don't have the exact link.

    Anyway, Annie, thanks for dropping in. I'll let you know when soup's on next.


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