I ♥ My Droid

Beyond a smart phone, this thing is kick-ass genius. DROID. I love its good looks, its size and design. DROID. I love how it wakes up, with a shudder in your hand, opening its red-eye to the world -- so weird, and yet so charming as it flashes and blinks in its Space Odyssey HAL-like mode (I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.) DROID. I love its creepy little ringtone.

There were phones and apps all around, but I never heard them calling. ‘Til there was DROID. And now, I can barely keep my hands off the dang thing.

DROID. I love that it’s a phone I don’t have to dial. Just talk to it and it makes my call. I love that it’s Google at my fingertips, wireless and free. . . the internet at my command.

DROID. I love that it’s street smart and savvy, too, a GPS with directions I can actually follow, without programming or fumbling at a keyboard. DROID knows where I am and where I’m going at all times, and how to get me from point A to B - even when I take stupid detours. (Big Brother be damned, DROID is my little R2-D2, ever so helpful and cheerful ) DROID is clever, too, can tell you the nearest Starbucks and pizza and Chinese take-out on any route.

DROID. I love that it understands me: knows my voice and touch. With a keyboard program called SWIPE , my DROID forgives the worst possible spelling and scribbling, and catches the meaning of even my most feeble attempts at communication.

DROID. I love that it can tell time, keep my calendar, check email, play music and movies. I love that I can use it as a camera, a Kindle reader, a personal photo gallery, a daily gateway to this very blog (which I admit I check obsessively, and thank you for reading)

DROID. I love that it does things I don’t need. Like Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Anywhere Abs, and Pocket Fitness Coach. So what’s wrong with this perfectly marvelous, excessively personal electronic device? Just that. It’s so aptly suited to being a constant companion, a relentless source of amusement and distraction, I actually believe it to be habit forming, recharging my brain, changing my life, one time killer app at a time.

DROID. Love it. Leave it. (Give it a rest, and kill the apps.)


  1. Yes! That's exactly how I feel about my iPhone. And Droid is a much cuter name. This is great. Now I can just direct my friends and associates to this post and say, "Here is why you need a smart phone." Because it's intuitively helpful, mindblowingly techie cool and FUN!

    Love the HAL clip, too.

  2. Ah. soutempo

    The CAPTCHA Cha Cha when pigs dance?

  3. My heart soars like an eagle... (Little Big Man) to find a reader and a comment. Blogging can be a silly and lonely business. Thank you, Annie.

    Be aware, be very aware... that I am working on a post about Artist Wayfarers and our fearless leader - writing in tribute to you, if you don't mind.


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