Because . . . it’s time to clear the pumpkins and dreidels from the doorstep of the “home” page, because on the Jewish calendar, our holidays are past, and because December is drawing to a close with Christmas just a breath away and the turning of a New Year almost here . . .

It’s time.

To leave the matters of work aside

To pack our bags

To spend the last days of the year

In a celebration of our own making.

Sounds a little crazy, but this year we’re taking a Christmas road trip.

Heading to sites where people normally see in the full bloom of spring or the heat of summer or the changing colors of fall.

 A Winter Photojourney, we call  it.

Taking our cameras, because that’s what we do on the road.

Heading East with the rising sun, through the mountains (where frozen roads are predicted) to Fallingwater – an architectural masterpiece we’ve never seen,

Booking a room in an historic inn where Andrew Jackson once slept. . .

Just the two of us on the road,

Driving through Harper’s Ferry, perhaps to take steps (or snap a photo or two) on the Appalachian Trail . .  . on to Washington, D.C, then back through Wyeth Country, Chadds Ford. . .

Snowbirds? Not us. Not yet.  

The winter roads await. 

Photos: vhenoch
Thanks for stopping by. . .and merry, happy, healthy


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