The Road Less Traveled

Groundhog Day on Five Mile Road

Northville, Michigan: from our door it’s 30 seconds to the gas station, grocery store, Einstein Bagel, CVS, Jet Pizza and Home Depot.   

Typical suburban sprawl. Four minutes to the freeway, 20 minutes, give-or-take, east to the airport, or west to the campus of U of M in Ann Arbor; 25 minutes barreling across I-96 on a good day to get all the way downtown.  Detroit.  

and yet. . .

strangely, here we find ourselves on a country road,

so close and yet so far removed from where we live and what we know. 

Just 10 minutes from our doorstep, Five Mile Road turns from asphalt to dirt, a road less traveled. 

Something magical happens in the snow here, in the camera lens and the gloaming of late afternoon.  A different light. 

The road bends as snow falling silently covers our tracks.  

Heading home, in an Andrew Wyeth painting, we know we’ve been somewhere. Else.  


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