1WTC: The Freedom Tower

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I can’t say what corner I turned, or what street I was walking along in TriBeca on that early morning in May . . . when suddenly there it loomed into view.  Breaking through low-flying clouds, eerie in its ghost-like image, it was breathtaking to see.  Under construction, but approaching its full height, One World Trade Center now rises to reclaim its dominance on the Manhattan skyline, an affirmation of the City’s resiliance and American optimism.

It’s been a decade in the planning, the subject of much scrutiny, heartache and debate - even some 11th-hour re-design. As of April 30,  the steel superstructure - so called the Freedom Tower -  technically surpasses the height of the Empire State Building and is currently the second tallest building the in the USA.  Upon completion in 2013, the official height of the building with its spire will be 1,176 feet with over 2.6 million square feet on 105 floors.  

- Architects: David Childs; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
- Developer: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
- Owner: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

I’ve been meaning to post these photos for some time now -- “too busy” with other matters. With only another hour or so of daylight in the sky here in Michigan, with fireworks starting to boom in the distance (or is that thunder?) it seems appropriate to post the photos today, as the sun sets on the 4th of July 2012. 
As we like to say. . . let freedom ring

Photos: VHenoch
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