Smash Cake

Photos of the Day
Not a fan of cake diving and adorable photos of babies with frosting in their noses. . . 

With the exception of my own.  

Never heard of a smash cake. But the concept is self-explanatory. 

On a sugar high, in celebration of a Happy Baby New Year,  
we rode the crest of a Spring day. 

We brunched at noon, then lunched at 2:00, then lip-smacked 
and snacked for more ‘til supertime. 

What a feast of delights with photos taken. 
All for the crazy love of a First. Birthday. 

"So we sailed into the sun, 

til we found a sea of green. . .
and we lived beneath the waves  
in our yellow submarine. . .
 and our friends are all aboard
and many more who live next door 
and the band begins to play  
we all live...."

Photos: Vhenoch
Thanks for sailing by


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