Where have all the foodies gone?


Mardi Gras: Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, who knew it was a day to flip crepes, pancakes, even latkes?  In Michigan it's the start of paczki (Polish jelly donuts) season.  At my request this morning, my husband is in the kitchen fixin' his all-time breakfast favorite, whole wheat blueberry pancakes with pecans. No recipe today. But just for you, we 
made 'em pretty for the picture.

Listening to NPR’s Splendid Table with Lynne Rosetto Kasper  last Sunday, (February 11)  I heard an interview with Francis Lam, former food editor of Salon.com - “Big Salon” as it’s called on Open Salon.  It  got me to thinking about all the writers who first welcomed me to Open Salon, where I also keep this blog.  

I didn’t originally set out to blog about food when I joined Open Salon in November 2011. It didn't take long, however, to get hooked on Salon’s Kitchen Challenge. Within a few posts, I found myself blogging along with the best in a warm and friendly circle of writers whose work I thoroughly enjoyed.    

Go to Salon today, pull down its “Full Menu” and you'll find the cupboard bare. Nothing new on food. Not one recipe.  Not a crumb, but what's left in archive files.  And even then you have to hunt.  

And so. . . on this Fat Tuesday, in tribute to the writers - the cooks and bakers  - those who dreamed up recipes in their night kitchens and whipped up their luminous dishes for our entertainment on 68 consecutive weeks of  “Foodie Tuesdays,” let's raise a virtual glass in a virtual  toast:

First to Francis Lam . . .  now Features Editor at Gilt Taste and tweets at@francis_lam 

And here's to
Lucy Mercer,  PB&J on Open Salon, A Cook and Her Books, also on Food52 

Linda Shiue, doctormamma on Open Salon, Beautiful Memorable Food on Food52 ,  and spicebox travels

FusunA, an Eclectic Writer with wide appeal 

Theresa Rice, Amusing Ma Bouche  

Grace Hwang Lynch,Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That  and HapaMama and @HapaMamaGrace

Walter Blevins,  Cheap Bastid on Open Salon

Femme Forte aka Candace, A Strong Woman 

(So many more, let's not forget. Leave their names in comments) 

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