Dang, Good Stuff! 10 Must-See Sites

(Alphabet Pencil Carvings by Dalton Ghetti

Words. Words. Words. Don't you wanna just break out of the box sometimes? Besides OS, do you have a favorite blog or a site you'd like to share?  To what lengths do you Stumble and Twitter? To what depth do you Digg?  Where do you find your news, your muse and your amusement?  Do tell. In search of the most eye-popping, edgy, or elegantly simple webwork out there, I humbly submit the following: 

 10 Sites that Break Out of the Box
1. kuler.com    
Imagine a social media site where everyone speaks in colors. kuler.com is a brilliant internet app from the designers of Adobe Systems – a site that lets you explore and play with color schemes.  “Jealousy”  is what caught my eye today.  The chat and chatter online is, as you might expect, wildly inventive. Cooler. Kulerful. 

2. visualthesaurus.com

Where words cluster, “blossom into meanings,”  Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary that works like the glia in your brain, firing, clustering and branching on instant word associations.   

3. weloveicons.com 

Looking for a new avatar?  
Or just the right icon to add a little zing to your site?  
Browse weloveicons.com

Like these headphones?  I do.  
Freeloaded (I mean downloaded) from weloveicons.com 

4. listeninginstruments.com

A site on sound created by Alex Braidwood. Described as "ongoing research into the relationship between people and the noise in densely populated environments."

-- A page from Listening:  "Continuing my pursuit for a personal (working) definition of noise, I visited the area directly under the flight path of the Burbank Airport to investigate the audio of that area using the noise collection / degrading compositional system that I developed. The more I reflect on my earlier visits along with this latest one, the more intrigued I am with the things that occur in environments interrupted by noise.

Another interesting aspect of this area directly under the flight path is the presence of a large cemetery. One ultimate industrial noise pitted directly against the ultimate silence."  - A. Braidwood.

5. smugmug.com
Where to store your stuff. Share photos and videos. Publish to Facebook and Twitter. Set up a virtual gallery. Build a portfolio. Back up stuff.  Even buy and sell photography.   SmugMug.

6. themodernword.com
Searches for authors the likes of Thomas Pynchon, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce can deliver you to the portal of the Libyrinth where words escape and steam and bubble. Further insight will lead to discovery as you “Explore the Great Thoths of the Western Mine.”. . . where like Aleph, the Sacred Rivener, Babeling Books Run Down to a Sudden See.”  
Not for the weak-minded or light skimmers. The site is exhaustive, encyclopedic, scholarly and obsessive.  For writers, reviewers, and book-lovers on steroids.  Go page through it.  But take it in little steps.

Spermatikos Logos: Thomas Pynchon's homepage, found in themodernword.com.  A sample of meaty reading:

"The rest of us, not chosen for enlightenment, left on the outside of Earth, at the mercy of Gravity. We (who) have only to learn how to detect and measure, must go blundering inside our front-brain faith in Kute Korrespondences. . . kicking endlessly amoung the plastic trivia. . . "  (note: not my words) 

7. edibleradio.com

We're talking food. All consuming. Fresh out of the pages of Edible Communities publications, here's a website podcasting edible stories that connect consumers with local flavors, family, farmers, growers, chefs, food artisans of all kinds.  

8. pank.com
Words and more words.  Described as a nonprofit literary arts collective [PANK] - PANK Magazine, Pankmagazine.com and PANK Little Books Series-- invites adventuresome readers to an exploration of emerging and experimental voices in poetry and prose. Varied voices, rigorous reading, but well worth the effort.   Submissions are welcomed: 

"To the end of the road, the edge of things, a north shore, up country, a place of amalgamation and unplumbed depths, where things are made and unmade, and unimagined futures are born. To a kind of ultima Thule. Inhabit your contradictions. Squeeze your quirk and anomaly.  No soft pink hands. Submit to PANK Magazine here."  
How To Take Yourself Apart
How To Make Yourself Anew
by Aaron Burch
ISBN: 978-0-9824697-2-9
2009 [PANK] Little Books 51 Pages
Price: Alas, the print edition 
is sold out, but get the e-book for $4 here.

9. latartinegourmande.com  
Every page alive, and every post a feast for the eye and a celebration. Heart-stopping-gorgeous photography, food styling, and art direction.  Every shot is done to a turn.  Beatrice Peltre is the artist, a French ex-pat living in Boston, whose work has graced the covers and pages of numerous publications.  And oh, yes, her first book comes out this Fall. Go and enjoy. 

Photos: Bea Peltre latartinegourmande.com 

10. The Inner Life of a Cell
You have got to see this.  Go to YouTube or directly to the source: BioVisions at Harvard University. 

 Harvard University selected XVIVO to develop an animation that would take their cellular biology students on a journey through the microscopic world of a cell, illustrating mechanisms that allow a white blood cell to sense its surroundings and respond to an external stimulus. This award winning piece was the first topic in a series of animations XVIVO is creating for Harvard's educational website BioVisions at Harvard.

Got a favorite break-out site? 
Do let us know. And thanks for stopping by.  


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