All my flaws are fatal. Eventually.

A little exercise in self reflection?  Perhaps.  
This in response to an"Open Call" on Open Salon on the subject of 
'Fatal Flaws: Got Any?" 

  • I’m eco-unfriendy. I take long showers and leave the lights on. 
  • I take up too much closet space.  I like to shop. 
  • I buy books I know I’ll never read.
  • I daydream.
  • I’m a terrible driver. 
  • I can be accident prone on a bicycle. 
  • I like to cook and serve people.  Too much.
  • I can be disorganized. In a very methodical way. 
  • I can be opinionated. And indecisive. All at once.
  • I am not always the hero in my own story.
  • I can’t say so.  I often speak in mid-sentence. 
  • I have the hardest time saying goodbye


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