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What does it mean to be a NaNoWinner?  Hell if I know.  But here's my virtual "badge" and my final post on the subject. That's a promise. 

Somehow the past 30 days have taken the stuffin’ out of me. With all the “writing” to do with NaNoWriMo, my 50,000 words-or-so are now stored on a thumb drive,  left there hanging in a tangle, with not a trace of a novel to show for the effort of getting there.  
NaNoWriMoWise, I have reached what appears to be the tip of the large toe of the foot of the mountain.  The story will go on without me, unless I take a wild leap of faith to catch it and run with it once again.  As I turn the page to December perhaps the energy will return.   
As for all the cooking and basting, and roasting and baking and heat generated in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, the leftovers were left in Chicago, where the family gathered.  We prepped and stirred, hung together and ate and drank, we laughed and teased one another-- as do brothers and sisters, long-married couples, parents and children, we put a thousand pieces of a puzzle together, and  parted once again.  Until next time.
I’ve come home to an empty fridge, in some post-partum blogger state.  
But there’s turning, always turning.  Turning the page to December, the season of lights begins tomorrow
Tomorrow we celebrate.  Chanukah. Hanukka. Hannuka. Channuka.  
(However you spell it, it's time for happy latkes.) 

If you want to become an artist you must come out of your shell...  There is so much to see, so much to experience which will be new to you...  You must come out and scratch and bite, and love and hate, and play and sing and fly, and earn your place in the sun.”   -Eugene O’Neill


  1. Ah! I'm back. Hope however you spelled it it's been a happy one. I'm catching up after being laid low and grouchy by a bug this weekend. Much better but the memory lingers on, coloring everything I look at or think about doing.

    Remember when we all got the ptomaine at the PD? That weekend I stopped reading ANYTHING recreational for quite some time. I put down the book I'd picked up and said yeesh. That's where I am now. About reading, about writing, about making dinner.

    But I was inspired by your lovely latkes. At least they made me hungry again!

    You already have my congrats on the NaNo. You are my hero. Leap of faith, all that! Give yourself a moment or a month to let your appetite for writing renew itself. It always does.

    CAPTCHA: denco I think that's the law enforcement department in charge of minor hit and run damage. Joe Friday's brother-in-law worked there....

  2. ouch -- Safari just up and quit on my post -- lost it!

    To Ann, (again)

    Welcome back. As I was saying . . . now what was I saying... that I had left no comment on your Thanksgiving post on Lake E, because it said it all so beautifully on its own. Some things just need to be left alone, as is, unadorned, unadulterated, unembellished...

    And no, mercifully, I don't recall the ptomaine scurge at the PD party. We escaped that night -- with some obligation or another to be out of town. So sorry for your post-Thanksgiving distress, and good to hear that you are recovering.

    As for Hanukah, we don't celebrate without the boys around... so I fried up a pan of latkes just to blog. And wouldn't you know it, that dang post turned up on the cover home page of Open Salon -- racking up more than 900 pageviews. Instant feedback. Kinda fun.

    Next -- will try some chocolate pound cake. But not tonight. Giving it a rest, myself.

  3. Excellent! It's because it was such a delicious post, both words and photos. And that should be fun. Lot of writing with no feedback in this world. You were lucky on the PD thing. But it's a grand adventure in retrospect.

    oplerse? Worse than obese?


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